Last week attended Zefir's annual presentation of the new graduates of 2013. Interesting presentations by Thomas Boland, Hyo Jung Lee and Dana Verbaan. Sketch inspired by the presentation of Thomas.

These cakes were served during the launch of the new coporate identity of a pharmacy. This signaled the official start of the project I've been working on since the summer.

Edward Collins (7 years old) has written this book. I have designed and illustrated this story in collaboration with Dolf Reitsma. Photo's by Dolf.

Am a tad late with posting this... but didn't want to keep this one in the cupboard. Designed this one in collaboration with de ontwerpvloot for a small theater in the Hague.

Yesterday at Todays Art 2012 in the Hague. Inspiring Pecha Kucha with presentations by Menkesdriek, Puck Verkade, BAK and Sander van de Pavert. After an intriguingly loud Braun Tube Jazz show by Ei Wada, we went on to see his Open Reel Ensemble. So very cool!

'I may not lie' is the piece I did for the graphic design exhibition Bring it on! in gallery Ship of Fools. I've written the five lines on top of the Dutch Election list of 2012. The grand opening was last Friday. Great party, loads of people and very interesting work.

This is our entry for the Poster Project of the Graphic Design Festival Breda 2012. We've made the image with good old fashioned ink, as you can see above. Dolf Reitsma and I worked together on the poster trying to win one of the five open call places for Poster Project available.

In Berlin we went to visit the fabulous Lucas de Groot in his studio. He had these great cookies on a round platter. The name of these cookies are called 'Russisch Brot', Russian bread. You can buy letters or even numerals! I immediately went out and bought some. ;) In Holland I can only find food letters during Sinterklaas.

Red is one of my favorite colours. I hardly ever draw with it though. Here are some experiments of today.

  Architektonika 2, Hamburger Bahnhof Museum

 KW, Berlin Biennale

Baumeister der revolution, Martin-Gropius-Bau

   Typo Berlin 2012

I've been to Typo Berlin last week. Besides the conference I also have seen a couple of exhibitions in the Martin-Gropius-Bau, the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum and the KW. Here are some sketches from my moleskin.

The graphic culture foundation in the Netherlands has nominated me for the graphic designers studentprize! Am so very proud. Read the full nomination here.

Bright Magazine has chosen me as one of the five toptalents of 2011! How exciting! Read the full article here.

Mevrouw van der Heijden from The Hague tested my book. Thank you! Tv west filmed us both for the television show called Tiswat. My first appearance ever on television and you're invited for the premiere. Watch it below.

Renate Boere, Angeline Dekker and Ed van Hinte are initiating a new creative hub in the Hague, where different artist and designers can work, meet and exhibit. It's called AB4. On the 10th of September @ 15:00 is the official festive opening with an exhibiton. Ed invited me to participate in the exhibition with my graduation project. See you there!

Marjolein van den Berg, a journalist from Tv West, came around this morning to interview me for a daily regional show called Tiswat. Somebody tipped her about my graduation project. It will be shown in about two weeks time. As soon if it's online somewhere I will post it here!

Mac van Dinther wrote a piece about my graduation project 'Nooit Meer Alleen Eten' in the Volkskrant on Friday 8th of July. Have you missed this edition? Here you can download the whole article.

Cassandra Pizzey from wrote a piece about my graduation project 'Nooit Meer Alleen Eten' in newsletter #169 on Friday 8th of July. Read it here.

Yes, yes, yes! Yesterday was my final exam. I've passed with flying colors! Am graduated with an 8.5 from the Royal Academy of Arts. Come and see my graduation exhibition from 2nd-9th of July.

The whole academy has changed into a complete construction site. This is how the place looked when we started building my exhibition space on Tuesday. I would like to thank: D., R., L., D., M., E., R., C., G., aka Team Jing ;) for their help and support. Without them the site would still look like an empty space with dirty carpets and two white concrete pillars., the blog version of the magazine Bright wrote an article about my graduation project. Read it here.

This is a sneak preview of my graduation project. To eat alone is unhealthy both physically and emotionally. Children grow up to be more emotional unstable and develop tendencies for addictions or violence according to certain studies. Adults develop bad eating patterns and even worse diets. I have designed a cookbook+DVD to ensure you'll never eat alone. The cookbook makes sure you can cook and eat the same meal as the person in the video you can have dinner with. This clip shows how you could lay your table, eat a cupcake, while watching one of the videos.

Jing Foon Yu is a Graphic Designer. She graduated with flying colors in June 2011 from the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague. Most pages you see are selections of work, either from her Moleskin diary or projects she's been working on.

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