My poster in the gallery of the KABK, the Hague. Part of the (in)tolerance exhibition on show until 9 December 2010. Read more about the masterclass.

Sketches made during the masterclass (in)tolerance by Chaz Maviyane-Davies at the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague. 15 graphic design students and 9 young professionals were personally invited by Ada Lopes Cardozo to take part.

A hairy black bear, based on Sauna by Underware.

When was the last time you've send an analogue mail?

Plane Scape, an installation of white rubber bands, sounds and light in Filmhuis, the Hague.

Sketches made during lecture of Boiling Society in Zeebelt.

Coverdesign proposal for portfolio booklet for tour around Graphics Design studio's around the Hague.

Flock of singing birds + design business card