Great news! Green light for graduation! We had evaluations of our graduation projects this past week at the academy. Red, orange or green light were the verdicts to be had. And... YES! Green it is. So let's go!

The Royal Academy of Art graduation exhibition 2011 takes place from Saturday the 2nd of July (diploma presentation) till Saturday the 9th of July. The building at the Prinsessegracht 4 in The Hague will be one large exhibition area during this week. The exhibition will start on Saturday the 2nd of July and is shown till Saturday the 9th of July. The works will be spread around the building of the Royal Academy of Art at the Prinsessegracht 4 in The Hague.

I had business cards made! It was a test to see what the quality of internet printers are. I had it printed in pantone + black. Nice quality paper and printwork. Am very pleased.

My thesis is finished! And not just digitally, but properly printed and bound. Only six copies, so it's a real collectors item! You can view it on issuu, see post below.

Sketches made in a nice bar in Prenzlauerberg, opposite of the old watertower.

The individualisation of our society is growing. Literally and figuratively speaking. Take a look at the numbers of single households in the Netherlands. Food is capable of connecting people and bringing people together. 'Never eat alone' is the theme of my graduation project. I'm looking for people who I can have dinner with. Can I join you for dinner? I'm also interested in eating groups within chrurches, neighbourhood centers etc. For tips and invitations, please contact me by mail.

Who says that you can only walk on the pavement and play on the playground? My Space The City calls all citizens to view the city differently. Put swings up on lanternpost. Organize a foamparty in a narrow alley. I've designed guerrilla style, low cost, stickers with suggestions. Go forth and have fun! Stickers are available upon request by mail. My thanks to Eit Hasker, Nanco Dolman and Jan Couwenberg for their architectural background input.

My graduation thesis 'Unidentified Rubber Objects' about food, design & communication. How can designers use food as means of communication?