Read my process book of my graduation project here. It shows you articles I've read, things I've researched, steps I've took and problems I've encountered during my graduation project. My apologies to my English readers. Except for one or two articles, the process book is written in Dutch.

Some female visitors were disappointed at the show. They really wanted to have dinner with Charlie. Sorry girls, I can't offer you a dinner date with him, but here are some spreads from the book as consolation.

The all-in-one package as it was on show during the exhibition. This includes cookbook+DVD, cutlery, tablecloth, plate and glass.

This is a registration of my graduation exhibition 'Never Eat Alone' at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague, Netherlands. This was on show from 2nd-9th of Juli 2011.

And here is another picture of Team Jing's exhibition space. In the meantime, we have put floors, walls, paint and furniture in. We'll get there in the end.

Finally. My cookbook for this project went to the printer today. Total editions: 7! I've made many images and sketches for the cover. Here's one I haven't used.

Green light presentation's at the Academy on the 27th of April! I'm finetuning my concept, using my friends as guinea pigs. So here's Dieuwke having dinner.

'Never eat alone' or 'Nooit meer alleen eten' is the working title of my graduation project at the Royal Academy of Arts.
This is a registration of a dinner alone. How and what do you eat when you're alone? Can I have a registration of your habits when you're a lone diner?

How, when, what with who do you eat? Friends responded with a flood of emails and pictures. Here is a small selection of the picures I received. Now I'm interested in eating habits when you're dinning alone.

The individualisation of our society is growing. Literally and figuratively speaking. Take a look at the numbers of single households in the Netherlands. Food is capable of connecting people and bringing people together. 'Never eat alone' is the theme of my graduation project. I'm looking for people who I can have dinner with. Can I join you for dinner? I'm also interested in eating groups within churches, neighbourhood centers etc. For tips and invitations, please contact me by mail.

2011 was graduation year for me. On this page you can see work in progress for my project 'Never eat alone'. Wanna see more of my work? Check out my portfolio to see more!