Geen appel = gen appel. A wordplay on 'none' in Dutch. 
					A reaction on the passing of a Dutch law which makes it easier to import genetic manipulated food. Pop art. 
					Concept for a Dutch newspaper for a column discussing graphic design of music. Why should I listen to the government 
					on how I should use my city? I'm calling all people to intervene in the streets with a low budget guerrilla sticker campaign. Unidentified Rubber Objects, about food, communication and design. 
					Graduation thesis of graphic design at the Royal Academy of Art. Home City World. Corporate identity proposal for a cultural festival. Home City World. Corporate identity proposal for a cultural festival. Views on the west. Proposal for a poster about eastern-western stereotypes. (In)Tolerance. What does it mean to me? Poster made during a masterclass by 
					Chaz Maviyane-Davies.
Webicons. A design assignment for the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Denksport Sudoku magazines. Design and realisation of the 
					Sudoku issues. Assignment for Keesing B.V. Visual journal. Sketches and 
					collages made during Venezia Biennale. Portfolio for photographer Aline Baggio. Moleskin. Sketches and collages. Thriller. Illustration for lyrics by Rod Temperton. The Invisible Exhibition. Book about the augumented reality exhibition 
					by AR+LAB in the Kröller-Müller museum. I've also designed part of the exhibition. Onredelijke tas. 
					An unreasonable bag. Illustration for an article by Milou van Rossum. T.R.E.P. A typographic research encoding project. 
					When does text become image? Objects of Affection. A series of screen- and monoprints 44 cent. Stampdesign with handletterling. Nooit Meer Alleen Eten. 
					Never eat alone again. Image for cover graduation book.